Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday Muxtape no. 9; a new review

Dealing with a hellacious headcold and a number of tour deadlines at the moment -- sorry for the lapse in blogging. I'll get back to it soon, but in the meantime here's this week's mux:

1. Albert Ammons: "Bass Goin' Crazy"

2. Buddy Holly: "Crying, Waiting, Hoping" (the demo version)

3. Holus Bolus: "Dirt Track" (This is the great Josh Sinton's band. Holy cow do I love this record.)

4. Soul Brothers: "Indawo Yokulala"

5. Carla Bley "Ups and Downs"

6. The Byrds: "Pretty Boy Floyd"

7. Third World War: "Shepherd's Bush Cowboy"

8. Edmund Meisel: "Die Tat / Fackellichter In Der Stadt"

9. Ray Agee: "From Now On"

10. Golden Arm Trio: "Finster Crumley"

11. Evangelistic Ensemble: "Heaven Belongs to You"

12. Spike Jones and His City Slickers: "Ghost Riders in the Sky" (live)

* * * * *

And the latest review, c/o our friend Craig Matsumoto at KZSU.

More soon...

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