Friday, June 06, 2008

Friday Muxtape, no. 6

I gotta start working on these things earlier in the week...

Anyway, hear here.

1. Bootsy Collins: "Bootzilla." I think Daphne would agree: for a while this was "our song."

2. Mendelssohn: "Saltarello-Presto from Symphony no. 4." Performed by 16 player pianos, at the behest of Paul Lehrman.

3. Duke Ellington: "Come Sunday Interlude." From the Black, Brown and Beige album. Ray Nance on the violin.

4. Howlin' Wolf: "300 Pounds of Joy." This is not the Real Folk Blues version. (I love that one too, except for the horrible edit at the beginning.)

Anyone know where I got this? (No, seriously, I can't find the album it came from. Maybe I'm just tired.)

5. The Videos: "Trickle, Trickle." In honor of the PDX weather god's apparent intention to make summer a lot shorter this year.

6. Moondog: "Bird's Lament." Played by the London Saxophonic. And then turned into a car commercial. Fuckers!

7. Guided By Voices: "Chasing Heather Crazy." Dependable? Tuneful?

8. Andrew Bird: "The Trees Were Mistaken." Eerie? Hypnotic?

9. The Chap: "Surgery." Poppy? Quirky?

10. Damon Zick and Friends: "Hill Country." Damon has played every damned saxophone book in the IJG -- and all of them with incredible skill. As such he's often the go-to guy whenever a new sax player needs something about one of my tunes explained. He's a motherfucker, as this track of his will attest.

(Oh, yeah, and his wife just had a baby boy -- congratulations, Zicks!)

11. Duke Ellington: "Rockin' in Rhythm." With Sam Woodyard on the drums, it's not so much rockin' as white-hot burning.

12. Cliff Jackson and Jellean Delk with the Naturals: "Frank, This Is It." Respectfully, this is for HRC. Make of that what you will.

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