Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Um, what?

Like Hilzoy, I have wanted to avoid piling on. But this is just too crazy not to post.

No, really. That's an official promo spot.

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Kris Tiner said... now the campaign of theatricality is resorting to full-on fiction. This is absurd, not in the least because it's such an obvious attempt to lure some of Obama's younger supporters. But I doubt we'd ever see him going in for something like this - and this is what the Clinton people (and the Repubs) don't yet understand - young people aren't flocking to Obama because they think he's the "coolest" - they're going with him because for the first time in a generation there's a candidate for president willing to talk straight and bypass all the haughty, phony rhetoric that's soured politics for so many of them.

(It's chilling to think that young people who grew up during Clinton The First have never, EVER seen an honest politician in the White House... and to riff on another of your previous observations, these are the same kids who think of Pearl Jam as classic rock)

Barack may be big on slogans, and he sure needs to get beyond that stump speech and start letting the skeptics know he's got some solutions too. But no matter what the guy talks about, he makes people believe it - not because he's playing up to a demographic or a poll result, but because he speaks with conviction, an all too rare authenticity, and people connect with that.

It drives me crazy to hear this woman speak. Every word reeks of political strategy, a vain, plastic effort to appear germane and fashionable, even down to aping the local dialect. Oy.