Thursday, January 24, 2008

Speaking of jobs...

How would you like to be one of the drones at the Blue Ball Machine?

I have actually worked in factories that seemed very much like this -- a long time ago, of course.

My favorite bit is the pair of stick figures, one expressing surprise, one expressing a query of some sort. See 'em?

Also fun: opening four or five windows of this simultaneously -- so that you have four or five soundtracks running slightly out of phase. (I just discovered that this drives my cats crazy.)

Ah, modernity.


Jill-o said...

Speaking of making pets crazy...

I emailed Jeremy a copy of The Job Song. He said that when he played it, his dog JD walked over to the speakers, sniffed around and wagged his tail as he listened... that is, until the cacophony/breakdown at the end, at which point he ran out of the room.


The Industrial Jazz Group: Effective Canine Repellent.

Andrew Durkin... said...


I wonder if that's because he recognized your voice? And then got scared when it disappeared and was replaced by noise?

Anyway, I tried this with Louis, but no dice. Nothing seems to freak this dog out. Except the snowman I built a few weeks back.