Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The departed

It's not complete by any means (are they ever?), but Locust Street has posted a list of a few of 2007's notable departures -- with accompanying music clips (if you've never heard that Kenton version of "Everything Happens To Me" (a Bob Graettinger arrangement) do yourself a favor and check it out now).

There is never enough time to blog about everything you want to blog about -- but I sure would have appreciated a few extra hours this year to write up a post on Lee Hazlewood. Ah, well.


KRIS TINER said...

Add one more unfortunate loss to that list: former IJG drummer Dan Morris. I don't know much of what happened beyond what's written in this tribute. He was only 37. I got to play with him a few times outside of IJG also, Dan was always a great person with a very deep musical sensitivity.

Andrew said...

Oh man, that is fucking depressing.

I'll see if I can get more details from Alex, and, if I can get my head around it, some sort of commemorative post.