Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Numbers game, game primaries

If you are as trepidatious (whoops, is that a word?) as I am about the (oh-no-not-again!) return of American I-dull tonight, consider the following possible statistics:

If 4% of the US population is tone deaf, and if the US population is somewhere around 300 million, and if the viewership of the show is around 30 million (these are all guesstimates based on cursory google searches), then it's possible that nearly half of those who enjoy the show are tone deaf.

Yes? I'm just saying it's possible, is all. (Math was never my forte, so I'm winging it here.)

Recent news about tone deafness.

* * * * *

Recent webological coincidence (hmm, I think not):

(Thanks to transterrestrial for the screenshot.)

The "establishment media" (which I'm defining here as any powerful, moneyed opinion-makers) is really bobbling things with this election (surprise!), and that ad (which has inundated Yahoo! (at least) over the last week) is a great example. As I've inferred, Clinton is not my first choice for prez, but this ad campaign has been pretty unfair, and one has to be suspicious of the motivations behind it.

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