Monday, March 21, 2011


This, via Ballon Juice's DougJ, cracked me up today:

Although I am very hostile to the Catholic Church, I still have some fondness for Catholics and Catholicism. Certainly, I think Catholicism has a stronger cultural tradition than the other Christian religions. You’ve got the Italian Renaissance, you’ve got James Joyce (I know he stopped believing and stuff, but he was influenced). What have the Protestants got? “Amazing Grace” is the only thing that comes to mind.

It’s the same way I feel about heroin and cocaine. With heroin, you’ve got Charlie Parker, Exile On Main Street, and Edgar Allen Poe. With cocaine, once you get past Lawrence Taylor’s 1985 season and a few episodes of “Mork and Mindy”, there’s very little that anyone will remember a hundred years from now.

Though I was raised Catholic, I have long been an apostate. Still, after seeing Il Duomo in Milan, I'd say Mr. J has a point.



Anonymous said...

Made me think of Siskel and Ebert on Protestants:

Actually I'd say the cultural contributions of Protestants are maybe a little easier to defend than cocaine, although I'd throw in original-cast SNL and Bill Evans' last trio.

Marco said...

Ballon Juice's DougJ is wrong about "What have the Protestants got? “Amazing Grace”".

Just think on J.S. Bach and his Sacred Music. That's all protestant with the only exception of the B Mass.

On the other side, you had the luck to see the Milan Dom this year after at least 10 years of reconstruction hwere it was covered by car advertising.

Regards from Milan