Monday, January 11, 2010

Wall of sound

Don't ask me why, but I recently enjoyed reading this excellent wikipedia article on bass amps. In particular, I found this paragraph pretty entertaining:

In the 2000s, virtually all of the sound reaching the audience in large venues comes from the PA system. As well, in the 2000s onstage instrument amplifiers are more likely to be kept at a low volume, because high volume levels onstage makes it harder to control the sound mix and produce a clean sound. As a result, in many large venues much of the onstage sound reaching the musicians now comes from the monitor speakers, not from the instrument amplifiers. Stacks of huge speaker cabinets and amplifiers are still used in concerts in some genres of music, especially heavy metal, but they tend to be used more for the visual effect than for sound reproduction.

[photo credit: Sunn 0))), by wot nxt]

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