Thursday, January 07, 2010

Dude, you're getting a Dudamel

I recently discovered that the LA Phil's website has a cute, pointless game.

This species of digital edutainment seems to be all the rage in the online classical world. (I once turned a similar game, located at the Berliner Philharmoniker website, into a kind of performance art.)

I assume these things are supposed to make more people interested in classical music. I'd be curious to know: do they work? Does anyone actually play the Gustavo Dudamel game, for real?

[photo credit: permanently scatterbrained]


Kris Tiner said...

They have a Dudamel app for the iPhone that's similarly pointless...

cinderkeys said...

Ha. LInked to this on my own blog, with a hat tip link to you.

No idea if this makes people more interested in classical music. As far as I can tell, it just perpetuates the confusion about what purpose a conductor serves. After all, the various sections come in when they're supposed to, regardless of whether you hit the right key at the right time.