Friday, October 03, 2008

I wish I spoke Spanish

That way I could have a better understanding of this review of LEEF, just published in the Argentine jazz webzine El Intruso.

Still and all, the google translator turned up this paragraph, which will have to go into my personal hall of fame:

Andrew Durkin, who despite having a doctorate in English literature are self pseudo-intellectual, not designed this maze called the Industrial Jazz Group for ridicule or leave us hanging from a branch like a chimp or for us to eat the boogers in the fetal position while we admire his and spark insight. On the contrary, it invites us to immerse ourselves in this sea of complications in the spirit of that sharpens the wit from a playful perspective. And I see no evil.


Anyway, big thanks to Sergio Piccirilli for giving this poor bastard of a record some attention and love.


Matt said...

That must go on all future press releases and shrink-wrap sticker-blurbs!

Anonymous said...

The article is excellent and very well written. And I'm sure that El Intruso is the best jazz music magazine on line in spanish.
congratulations for the review and your art.
From Buenos Aires.

Andrew Durkin... said...

Gracias, fellas!

Reptet said...

Google translator did this to Sergio's review of our 2006 CD, "Do This!":

In the structural composition of the musical DNA of this sexteto, we found a bequeathed iconography of genuine rebels of the modern art like Herman Sony Blount (alias Sun Ra), Louis Thomas Hardin (Moondog alias) and Frank Zappa (alias Frank Zappa); and also a cathartic narrative proposal founded on the ancestral principles of aesthetic the circus one and on an unlearnable exercise of the absurd humor that seems inherited of the Brothers Marx.


Anonymous said...

Impressive, it looks a nice site!!! Who is that people?