Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I was irritated by this. U2?

If any of you were brave enough to try those Bono cookies -- get ready to puke 'em back up again.

(Thanks to Ponty Lox for the link.)


Kris Tiner said...

" spirihhe, we get-tah sharr-ihhe, leading us all to uh-higher staaaaaaaa-ndahds.... oooh... mmmm..."

...and it just keeps getting better and better. This guy must really love his job. Standing ovation! I hope he got a promotion for this.

I don't have to be embarrassed - I switched to Capital One a few months ago.

Kris Tiner said...

And here's the first runner up in the "shittiest music videos of 2006" competition...

Jeff said...

Wowee... all though all I could think of was the Ben Stiller Show's parody of them making them pitch Lucky Charms, with their manager, Ruben Kinkaid. Funny stuff.

There's something so ... I dunno ... compelling? freaky? ... about a middle aged bank manager strumming along while Baldy McWannabe does his best pretension demonstration.

Vocally, I thought he too breathy. :)

Jeff said...

Won't back down?

I figured y'all be so much more insulted by "Music by Rusty Humphries" than that U2 shite. :-)

(And what an awesome porn name Rusty Humphries is!)

Was it just me or was he not playing the guitar? ;-)

And was it a karaoke backing track they used? I thought it sounded like the background singers went with "Hey Baby!" as Mr. Petty did, while Mr. Humphries punped up my nationalism by bellowing "Hey, America!"

(And if it was a karaoke track, nice to see the "producer" has an inflated sense of self as well.)

Andrew said...

Yeah, I think Rusty trumps the U2 guy for that particular award.

And his Humphries do seem pretty rusty, don't they?

Incidentally, no name can possibly be funnier than Baldy McWannabe. I laugh every time I say it. Thank you!

(I see an IJG opera in the works: "The Legend of Baldy McWannabe." I'll need a book. You in?)