Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Trying not to melt

A brief respite from the heat. Don't know how long it will last, but I may as well type while doing so doesn't produce perspiration.

We haven't even been in the triple digits, as have our poor inland neighbors (aka suckers), but the lack of air conditioning, the unusually high humidity, and the fact that our apartment is hard to ventilate make things difficult. I've never been a fan of southern California attire, but I haven't worn long pants or proper shoes in two weeks.

It feels very much like Keith Olbermann put it last night on the Tonight Show (a program I rarely watch): Al Gore was wrong about global warming... we don't have ten years to fix the problem, we have ten minutes.

Everyone in our complex keeps their windows open. You kind of have to, because, as I said, there's no AC, and fans alone provide precious little relief. You've got to try and catch the ocean breezes where you can. But you also end up throwing all modesty, well, out the window. Just heard a couple fucking somewhere nearby. (You know it's hot when the only time you have the energy to do the deed is six AM.)

Anyway... remember our second album, the often mis-spelled City of Angles? It appears to have been re-entered into rotation as bumper music on NPR's Talk of the Nation. I noticed that they played "Void When Detached" last month, and Theme From City of Angles" just a few days ago.

What's next? IJG on the Prairie Home Companion?

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Matt said...

IJG on Prarie Home Companion?

Sounds great to me.