Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Who knew? Kazoos

An appreciation of this, er, instrument (is that the word?) can be found here.

It's a little overblown, mayhap. Consider the last bit:

"The kazoo has turned into a toy for children and a funny little input in songs without meaning in a world without sense.

The kazoo has lost its influence and impact. It had its breakthrough in the 1920s but none of the great artists gave the kazoo a chance.

The kazoo was originally ment to be a sophisticated disguise of the voice. Like the mask worn by the actor. Now the kazoo weares a mask. A clown's mask- only to step out in the light when the serious musicians have left the stage. A fill in without impact.

It’s time to bring the kazoo back into the top of musical influence and significance.

It’s time to tear off the heavy mask of the kazoo."

Hmmmm. Indeed. Discuss.

(New fans of "The Job Song" might be amused to learn of the significant role the kazoo played in an earlier incarnation of that tune, thanks to the intrepid Ms. Danielle Franklin.)

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