Saturday, September 03, 2005

Mashups will save music, one hit at a time

Jeff, if you're reading this, go here and check out "Tricky Wipeout." When I heard it I had a major flashback back to high school. (Not that that's a good reason for listening, but anyway... check it out, check it out.)

Actually, everybody, go, go. Put down what you're doing. Go hear the above-linked album. The RIAA might not be quite as brilliant as the Kleptones, but they're damned good.


Jeff said...

Wow -- the Wipeout mashup is pretty good. I keep wanting to hear the Beach Boys' harmonies from their collobroation with the Fat Boys...

The Day-O-Trippin not nearly as good. Just playing two songs at the same time doesn't count.

I'm not that impressed with the rest of what I spotchecked ("Summertime Samba" or "Can't Touch This")

Andrew said...

Yeah--these guys seem to be a much more "bargain basement" version of the genre. This is the problem when you don't have access to the master tapes of an album--you can't select out just the rhythm section, or just the vocals (for instance)--and so when the mashing happens the raw materials had better be pretty sparse or you're going to get real noisy real quick.

Though actually, I find some of the noiser stuff in this set kind of charming--"Holiday Inn: Cambodia" is another highpoint for me. And "Sweet California Girl O' Mine" (though that fucking Guns and Roses riff wears thin real quick).

Also, to me any mashup gets points for making obvious but absurd connections between two otherwise separate tunes--as here, with the joining of "Buffalo Soldier" and the theme from the Banana Splits.