Sunday, July 17, 2005

All Recitative, No Aria

Daphne and I recently saw R. Kelly's "urban opera," Trapped in the Closet. No, I don't know why; probably because we were bored at that moment.

The recording makes sense, of course. Kelly likes immature women, so naturally he's going to write immature music. MTV, as might be expected, thinks the thing is great. I much prefer the parody.


Anonymous said...

I'm taking a music appreciation class and we just went over Baroque-era music, and one of the examples was opera. The moment the professor defined what the recitative part of the opera was I realized that "Trapped in the Closet" was simply an incomplete opera. It's nice to see others have made that connection too!

Andrew Durkin said...

Thank you for reading and sharing--I appreciate knowing that you came to the same conclusion! Good luck with your class.