Wednesday, December 23, 2009

You can't catch me

(Apologies to Mr. Berry.)

Happy holidays to all.


Jason Parker said...


So funny how your daughter didn't quite get that she's not supposed to be in the show!

And I dig the impressionistic soundtrack.

Well done!


Jill Knapp said...

Really, really wonderful. She was smiling the biggest smile the entire time!

What a fabulous gift you've given her. In 20 years after a tough day at work, she's going to watch this video and her soul will sing. :-)

Andrew Durkin... said...

Thanks, y'all.

Yeah, we also found it hilarious that she didn't seem concerned about the performer/audience barrier. She's a very postmodern 5-year-old.

I should also note that she read the entire "script" (actually a book of hers from school) by herself. (In case that wasn't obvious.)

Thanks for checking it out!