Thursday, April 09, 2009

The pause that refreshes

Wow. Cool. That was simply a great experience all around. (I'm talking about the most recent tour, of course.)

I'll have something more in-depth to say about it by and by. For the moment, as I ponder the highlights, and review the recordings, and examine the footage (and the footage, and the footage) -- I am, in spite of my manic nature, taking a moment to enjoy the glow.

Inane, I know. Now is no time to rest, Durkin -- there is so much yet to be done!

Duly noted. Gonna go put the laurels back in storage now. In the meantime, speaking of inanity (which, as you know, I don't consider an entirely bad thing), here's a flavor of the sort of Broadway-musical-from-hell vibe that informed our show this time out. Be sure to stick around for the thong:

Much more to come. I promise it's not all that stupid.

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