Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dear Mr. Pepsi Cola

Would you please shut the fuck up? You're ruining the mood.

Anyway: happy inauguration, everybody.


Doris said...

Something is wrong with that link, or my computer - it comes up an empty page.
Anyway, Andrew, could you please contact me via my blog or email - I couldn't find a contact address for you.
Thanks , Doris

Andrew Durkin... said...

Hey Doris -- it's a heavily overproduced website (its overproduction may be the reason it's not loading for you, in fact) created by Pepsi and designed to make them appear to have some sort of "in" with the Obama administration. Users are encouraged to upload videos addressed to the president in order to help "refresh America" (get it?).

It's about as genuine and sincere as those godawful "I'm Lovin' It" McDonald's commercials, or Pepsi's earlier marketing brainchild: a soda called "Jazz."

My email contact info is on the IJG website, www.industrialjazzgroup.com. (Linked in the sidebar to the right.) It is industrialjazzgroup at yahoo dot com.