Friday, September 05, 2008

John McCain is a selfish prick

As promised, our anti-McCain ad, in a version we did last night at Le Voyeur in Olympia. It's pretty stupid and tasteless, but then, most negative ads are.

For soprano (Ling), piano (Durkin), and bullhorn (Rosenboom). Videography by Matt Lichtenwalner.

The video:

The words:

John McCain has a microchip
implanted in his head to give him helpful tips
on how to start the next world war
and what that ugly little button is for

John McCain is an evil boob
they feed him chopped up kittens through a plastic tube
he farts whenever he thinks too hard
his victims are all buried in his backyard

Yes he has been baking in the Arizona sun
simple things are hard to comprehend
he'll use his medieval mace
to make the world a safer place
only for the rich Americans

John McCain is a selfish prick
who pokes at open wounds with a salty stick
he peed in your coffee pot late last night
he thinks that everything is going alright

More updates to follow.


avatarr8 said...

it's true, it's all true... but doesn't it make him all that much more the Maverick® that America and world needs?

jazzebelle said...

Wow..what a cool video!

Andrew Durkin... said...

Many thanks for watching, folks!