Monday, November 05, 2007

Worthless factoid

Last night I learned that I am one-eighth French.


Jill-o said...

Suppsedly I'm related to Napoleon.

[insert psychoanalysis here.]

Oh, and I'm also related to Ulysses S. Grant.

There's a pair for y.

avatarr8 said...

Was cleaning up some old bookmarks and found uglyrug again. Made my day (and a lot of time earmarked for "research" disappear). Can't wait for the new album!

and I'm sure glad the 1/8 French part of your genes hasn't affected your musical interests.

ps *I'm* related to Charlemagne and Muhammad.

Andrew said...

Well, your appearance here made my week, Alex! (Even though the content on this blog has been embarrassingly weak lately.)

Hope life is good. Are you guys still overseas? Drop a line when you get a sec -- if you no longer have the email addy you can find it on the group website.