Friday, February 09, 2007

Heeeeeere's Louis!

Yup, that there is a mugshot of the latest creature to take up residence at the Durkin-Robinson flophouse.

Why did he move in?

1. Because his original owners are relocating from Portland to Italy and can't afford to take him.

2. Because our lives aren't crazy enough already.

Seriously, though, he's probably the sweetest dog I have ever met. I guess his disposition has something to do with him being a Lab-Mastiff mix who is 3 years old and already housebroken. He was named for Joe Louis, but that's sorta ironic, cuz he's definitely a lover, not a fighter (I'm thinking Louis Armstrong might be a better namesake).

In any case, he's definitely a keeper.


SFM said...

He's beautiful. :-)

Kris Tiner said...

Wow - he's already mastered the famous "Durkin Deadpan" ...