Monday, January 15, 2007

Industrial Jazz On Ice!

(Note: for obvious self-promotional reasons, we're gonna keep this up top until mid-January, although new posts will continue to appear below.)

IJG January 2007 East Coast Tour:
Industrial Jazz On Ice!

Jan 10: Chris's Jazz Cafe (8 PM, Philadelphia, PA); with Hoppin' John Orchestra.

Jan 11: IAJE (noon, NYC). In the Sheraton Hotel's Empire Ballroom.

Jan 11: Goodbye Blue Monday (8 PM, Brooklyn); with Kris Tiner / Mike Baggetta Group.

Jan 12: Java Hut (8 PM, Worcester, MA); with Tom Lubelczyk's

Jan 13: Lichtenstein Center for the Arts (2 PM, Pittsfield, MA).

Jan 14: Bowery Poetry Club (8 PM, NYC); with Darcy James Argue's Secret Society.

Can't make one of these? Click here to find out how you can donate to the cause.

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