Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I'm mad! I want revenge!

Kris Tiner forwarded this to me this morning:

"In what is a not too subtle dig at Bush's subpoena of their search records, Google is getting their own nasty dig at 'W' before the gag orders go into effect. I don't know how long this will work [once the link is taken away you can find the relevant page here], but go to Google and type in the search word: asshole. Don't hit the 'search' button, hit the 'I'M FEELING LUCKY' button right below the Search."

(How much cooler this would've been if they'd've used Zappa's "Broken Hearts Are For Assholes"--you know, the "You're an Asshole / And you're an asshole / (That's right!) / You're an asshole / And you're an asshole / (Yes! Yes!)" part.)

How I hope the worm is finally getting off its collective apathetic backside and TURNING!

Another possible sign of positive change: Harper's Magazine is running a cover story advocating the impeachment of Bush. I saw the author, Lewis Lapham (also the currrent Harper's editor), on C-SPAN early this morning, and was pleased to note that at last a fairly mainstream publication is making this case rather forcefully.

I'm sure you've all noticed Bush's sinking numbers. It's actually a little frustrating that everyone is coming around so late in the game--there were those of us who understood even before 2003 that going into Iraq in this way was a horrible mistake. It may serve something like justice if Bush is actually impeached, but I suspect that would be cold comfort. The damage is already done. We need something that will undo it.


Kris Tiner said...

Cred to Ron Christian for forwarding me the Google thing. Meanwhile, get even madder... have you seen this?

Jeff said...

For whatever its worth, it's not Google having fun at Dubya's expense, but rather a core group of bloggers who figured out how to manipulate Google rankings for certain words.

Google is actually rather adamant that they have nothing to do with it.

The Wiki has a good description of GOOGLEBOMBING