Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Way We Were

If you have had a webpage for a while, you really oughtta check out the Wayback Machine, courtesy of the Internet Archive. It's lots of fun.

If you go to this incompletely archived page and click on the "Ugly Rug Records" logo, you'll get to a fully archived page demonstrating the early emergence of what would become the IJG (referred to then, somewhat bombastically, as "The Industry Standard"). We didn't even have a drummer yet. We were still a quartet, if I recall correctly: me, Aaron, Mike, and Jessica. Cory was still a "guest artist" (the soundtrack session referred to on this page was the first time I met Cory, as a matter of fact). We were still playing at Buster's Coffeehouse in South Pasadena.

It's amazing how things change.

Onward and upward: the next IJG gig is September 25 at Club Tropical. I'm going to attempt to expand the group to 15 pieces (5 brass, 6 reeds, 4 rhythm). I guess I've decided that things in my life just aren't crazy enough.

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Llij said...

I always wondered what happened to that Glom-a-Song. I was pretty happy with my seatless Huffy line. :-)

I found my old webpage, too. Sobering, that. Almost as scary as when you ego-google the newsgroup archives and discover horrifyingly embarrassing things posted circa 1996.

I'll never be able to run for office!