Wednesday, May 07, 2008

What William Blake wrought

More thoughts on my petulant outburst later (and thanks to everyone who weighed in).

In the meantime, I hope what follows here will be accepted (by the Clinton campaign) in the spirit in which it is offered (a spirit of gentle ribbing and healing levity, I swear):

It's over, folks. Let's kiss and make up, and set our sights on November.

(BTW, we've had an Obama campaign worker living with us for a few weeks now, gearing up for the Oregon primary -- which, it turns out, may become the "official" finish line for this thing. Man, I thought I worked hard -- this lady hardly sleeps. It's quite impressive, and it backs up the refrain that has been coming up in Obama speeches of late -- that this campaign is not about him, but a movement of people who are truly committed to taking the country in a new direction. Halle-fucking-lujah.)

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avatarr8 said...

oh man. it must be final paper writing time, cause I'm doing nothing but reading blogs and checking my e-mail.
anyway, remember when Uncle Duke from Doonesbury ran for president in 2000? (It was a formative time in my political consciousness, having just turned 18)-- this is the last video they did:

(blogger won't let me embed it)