Thursday, August 02, 2007

Musician, heal thyself!

Uh, "tear down the internet"? Really?!

Yeowza, is this dude a nutcase. Here's the tabloidy link, which I'm sure you've already seen.

Let's keep in mind that Sir Elton's own music started sucking long before the rise of the blogs and iPods and cell phones and all the rest.

Actually, let's strike that "sir" business, shall we? I think that's part of the backstory here: what Reggie is really expressing is a modern version of the traditional aristocratic contempt for the riff-raff (people like you and me, dontcha know) -- in this case, those who have dared take advantage of music biz cleavage that has opened up as a result of the technological developments of the last ten years.


Can the next musician to become wildly famous and popular please make an effort to stay sane?!

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