Sunday, August 19, 2007

Like shooting fish in a barrel

Well, sort of.

As a kid, I used to fish a bit, but I never caught much of anything. For me, and for most of my comrades, the "sport" was more about hanging out near (and sometimes swimming in) a lake, eating forbidden junk foods, telling tasteless jokes, skipping stones, and finding stuff to burn in the campfire (I guess I was a pretty typical boy, at least until junior high).

And even though my brother once had a mishap with someone else's hook that accidentally got caught in his earlobe, I must admit I don't see the benefits of a fishing pole that looks like a bazooka. If you click on this site, you'll be body-slammed by a very loud commercial that makes fishing sound like pro wrestling. With dead fish.

I dunno. It seems like the sort of thing Dick Cheney might get off on. (That is, if Dick Cheney still had enough of a soul to actually get off on anything.)

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