Sunday, August 12, 2007

Important news

You have to know about stuff like this when you have a kid.

Apparently, there is a blog devoted to archiving as many versions of "the diarrhea song" as possible.

Most of these seem rather, uh, strained (sorry). For instance: "When you’re rummaging in the attic / and your ass goes automatic." Still, it's good to know there are connoisseurs out there devoted to finding the "finest variations" of this little ditty.

(Horror of horrors: the version I learned as a kid -- "some people think it's funny / but it's really wet and runny" -- isn't there yet.)

When I was a kid myself, I used to be fascinated by the idea of a "kids' culture" -- which was pretty viable despite the fact that most kids didn't have direct access to mass media. Turns out other people find that fascinating too.


Jill-o said...

The second free-form part of The Song, this is the punch line. It is here that it will be revealed how one knows that it is, in fact Diarrhea, and not something else.

I am snickering like a spastic 5th grader.

Matt said...

They left out my favorite verse:

Some people think it's gross,
But it's really good on toast
Diarrhea, Diarrhea

I sent you a message on your MySpace re: Cleveland clubs.