Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Rock and Roll

LA's Key Club recently hosted the 2005 Air Guitar Championships.

My favorite paragraph in the above article:

"The night was not free of controversy. 2003 L.A. champ Gordon 'Krye Tuff' Hintz criticized the scoring that he felt helped the night’s only female performer, Elaina 'Cherry Lain' Vaccaro, defeat more technically savvy players. Vaccaro’s performance of the Rippingtons’ 'Star-Spangled Banner' was marked mostly by her impressive legs and a good deal of jiggling. Said Hintz, an assembly candidate in Oshkosh, Wisconsin: 'The integrity of air guitar in year three is seriously under attack. Air guitar has turned into a joke . . . The more skin you show, the better your score gets.'"

"The integrity of air guitar." Now there's a phrase I never thought I'd hear.

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