Monday, April 13, 2009

Street date: your Mom!

Another of the interludes that peppered our most recent tour. This one was the show opener. I was going for a self-deprecating dada-Broadway vibe, and I guess I got a little carried away.

The video is a composite of a pre-gig rehearsal (in Bakersfield, April 3) and our live performance at Dizzy's in San Diego (April 5). Hence the discrepancies in sound quality. Footage by Matt Lichtenwalner.

The "libretto" doth proceed thusly:

Jill: Oh, crap here we go / it's another IJG show...

Jill and Tany: I've heard this band, they blow / You never really know how low they will go...

Jill: How low, low, low, low, low, low!

Tany: You never know how to act --

Band: Is it ironic?

Tany: When they dispense with wit and tact --

Dan R.: What's tact?

Band: Dinner at Applebee's! [a reference to our tactless tune, "Il Ponderoso / Apropos of Nothing"]

Jill and Tany: In the end we always end up feeling sorry for them / Pitiful, miserable jazz musicians!

[Evan's Kenny G. imitation]

Tany: Trying way too hard to make a point.

Jill: There is nothing real about this joint.

All: Speaking of joints, the new record's dropping soon!

[Gavin quotes "PDX LIX LAX" over the bassline for "Gonna Make You Sweat"]

Jill and Tany: But why should we take the time to hear this band?

Mike R.: Street date: your Mom!

Jill and Tany: Do they think we really need to understand --

Ian: We tweeted about it!

Jill and Tany: -- whatever truly ponderous thing they have planned?

All: But wait: there's more, if you act now!

Dan S.: It slices! And it dices!

All: And sounds pretty!

Tany: Oh, let's just get it over with...

* * * * *

And there you have it.

I promise I'll get back to uploading the "real" tunes soon.


Matt said...

Is Jill wearing a Stormtrooper uniform? That's awesome!

Andrew Durkin... said...

Ha! It was some kind of generic spaceman costume -- not sure where she got it. She started the tour out wearing a wig with it, and for some reason she had dropped that part of the costume by the time of our Dizzy's show.

Apparently she did a photoshoot of a shopping trip wearing this costume, but I have yet to see it!