Monday, April 27, 2009

And the stupid interludes just keep on coming...

Oh, so we're back to this again, are we?

Yeah, I guess we are. While I ponder the annoyance of having to redo the audio to that last film, I offer up the companion piece to our "Introducing the Brass" bit, as performed during the first show of our April 2009 tour, recorded live at the Dore Theater in Bakersfield. (Cinematography by Matt Lichtenwalner, camera provided by Tany Ling.)

In case it's not clear what the impetus for these interludes is: inevitably, I am bored by the sort of patter that bandleaders / frontmen / frontwomen have to do ("and this next number is called..."). Somehow setting that patter to music seemed like the best way to avoid said boredom, while still getting the necessary information out.

I should also make it clear that I typically throw these little songs at Jill and Tany a few days before they are to be performed. It's very much an eleventh hour endeavor. And as a result, for instance, you get little lyrical flubs, like the mis-statement about Brian Walsh playing soprano instead of tenor that comes partway through this version.

But what can I say? When it comes to these interludes, which are pretty stupid to begin with, I usually find such flubs more endearing than anything else. In any case, both ladies deserve a ton of credit for being willing to dive right in with this stuff, despite the obvious risks involved. (The band also deserves a ton of credit for being willing to be, uh, spotlighted in this way.)

Note that the band is wearing the mustaches that figure prominently in another new tune, which I'll be posting soon: "Theme for a Cable News Show."

Oh yeah, and: there is an alternate, San Diego version of this, in which Damon Zick is replaced by Jim Romeo. Coming soon...


Anonymous said...

Speaking of stupid, it occurs to me that it's really kind of a waste to have a big band if you don't pull that slick move of turning your head to flash the audience a grin over your shoulder while conducting. At least once.

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