Monday, August 04, 2008

La Dolce Vita

The Oregon Jazz Society-based Jazz Scene (primarily a print publication) has a very flattering review of LEEF in their August issue (thus providing some nice promo for our upcoming PNW tour):

If ever there were a perfect band for a Fellini film, this is it. Raucous, intense, whimsical and accomplished, the Industrial Jazz Group is like a carnival for the ears. Leader/composer/pianist Andrew Durkin describes his music as “avant-garde party music,” which is fitting. The music is challenging and, at times, cacophonous, but it’s just accessible enough to be fun. With multiple saxes, trumpets and percussion, this 15-piece L.A. group marches to their own beat, meshing tones and styles, big band swing to classical, Gershwin-esque flourishes with Mingus-like harmonies. This live recording finds the group playing to an Amsterdam audience, who apparently likes the rather bizarre nature of the music. It’s a big soup of a sound but it manages to be somewhat charming in its oddity. Give a listen, if you dare.

Thanks to Kyle O'Brien for the kind words.

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