Friday, March 21, 2008

Metal Jazz on Industrial Jazz

Greg Burk just posted a lovely CD review / tour preview on his (highly recommended) online vehicle for such things, Metal Jazz:

Tues. March 25 -- Composer Andrew Durkin’s rather large Industrial Jazz Group has fun with music. Sometimes too much fun, I think, but I enjoy a high quotient of gloom and rage. The IJG’s new “LEEF,” for which tonight’s show is a release party, is amazing in many ways. As usual, it combines a lotta styles, taking an old ragtime riff or “Volga Boatmen,” say, and expanding the harmony, messing with the tempo, twisting it around. There’s plenty of purely original stuff, too, changing all the time and keeping up a high level of energy, invention and smartly applied dissonance. With a greater emphasis on vocals this time, “LEEF” comes off as a kind of modern light opera, telling a slapstick story of artistic alienation and vehicular devastation. You will not be bored. At Temple Bar, 1026 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica; 11pm; $10.

Gracias, Greg!

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