Thursday, March 20, 2008

A little love

Brick Wahl at the LA Weekly just wrote a nice little blurb on us -- mostly as a preview of our upcoming Temple Bar show, but there's also a sentence on LEEF (so I guess that would be the album's first published review):

Now, you might need a bit of an outish edge to dig The Industrial Jazz Group ... then again, underlying the IJG’s 15-piece in-your-face attack are Andrew Durkin’s solid, Mingus-soaked arrangements. The group’s Industrial Jazz A-Go Go is just terrific, all swinging craziness, like Stan Kenton smoking all his band’s dope and cleaving Mingus’ ax with an ax. We love it. And the upcoming LEEF is from a live gig at home in Portland ... funny swinging stuff with clumps of European music and Zappoid art rock and cabaret tossed in, missing only Joel Grey. They’re at the Temple Bar on Tuesday, at 11 p.m. on the dot. One set only, alas.

A few corrections -- first, LEEF was mostly recorded in Amsterdam, not Portland. Also, there's a typo in the online piece -- "IJF" instead of "IJG" (I corrected it in my cut-and-paste). And finally, for this tour, the group will actually be sixteen people, not fifteen. (More on that later.)

But anyway, big thanks to Brick for this great piece!

And, uh, yeah, so I guess we'll be touring in CA next week. Wow -- I guess it's our CD release tour for LEEF. Who'd'a thunkit?

Here's the itinerary:

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