Thursday, March 29, 2007

What? What?

No, really. I can't hear you out of my right ear. That's cuz I have a collapsed eustachean tube, thanks to an epic headcold and a brief ride on a plane last Tuesday.

Ah well. At least the tour is going splendidly... we had a wonderful day in San Diego yesterday, both in terms of the level of musicianship being pulled out of the proverbial hat by folks who had barely had an opportunity to look at the charts ahead of time, and in terms of that oh-so-elusive grail: the warm, supportive, enthusiastic crowd. And so my post-PNW fear that we were going to slip back into the Barnsdall pit has, for the time being anyway, been allayed. Mad, mad props for this turn of events must be extended to Mr. James Romeo, the jazz director at Mesa College, who more or less single-handedly engineered our day-long journey behind the orange curtain.

I will need to return to the subject of this tour, the people involved, and the doings and happenings of note. But at the moment I want to take advantage of the fact that tonight's recording session has been postponed becuase of intonation issues with a piano. I am exhausted, and I need to rest up before our next hit, which is later tonight (er, tomorrow morning), at 1 AM.

In the meantime, here's a representative photo from yesterday's gig at Dizzy's. Bang your head!

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