Monday, August 21, 2006

Our New Home?

Well, maybe. We're in escrow now.

If we get it, though, we will have really lucked out. Ironically, after a long weekend of looking, this house was one of the last things we found. We saw a lot of cool stuff, but this was the only one that really jumped out at us. Oodles of square footage and a huge back yard with various fruit trees. Lots of green in general. Big windows. Privacy. Peace. Maybe even room to build a studio (but at the very least space for rehearsal and visiting musicians and a piano and a drum kit and stuff like that).

I won't say more until it's a done deal, but obviously, this increases the likelihood that we'll be living in Portland by October. By a lot.

Holy crap!

As far as we can determine, the same house / property would cost more than twice as much in LA (in other words, there would be no way we could afford it).

Cross your cyber-fingers (digits?). And your real fingers too.

(Pix by our good friend Sarah.)

1 comment:

Kris Tiner said...

WOW. let us know when the place next door goes up for sale.