Tuesday, August 15, 2006

How I know we're losing the "War on Terror"

So you mean you're asking me, my wife, and our baby to get to the airport terminal two hours before our scheduled departure, go through all the requisite security check-in procedures, be told our 9 PM flight is delayed until 9:30 and then to 12 midnight, wrangle with the airline company to try and get an early morning flight for the next day, secure said next-day-early-morning flight (thank you, whoever is in charge of the universe), go home (without our checked-in baggage, and thus without our car seat -- nice one, whoever is in charge of the universe), grab a few hours of sleep, get up at some ungodly hour, stand in a long line to get revised boarding passes, go through security again, and just barely make it to the gate for our 7:15 AM flight to Portland... all this, and I can't bring a lousy cup of good (and damned expensive) coffee on the plane? I have to guzzle my steaming hot Starbucks cappuccino in the three or so minutes between purchasing it and entering the boarding walkway?

It's become something of an evening news cliche to show a bit of footage of passengers at an airport terminal saying something like "Yeah, it's a pain that we have to [insert whatever new security procedures have been recently implemented]. But it's all meant to keep us safe."

Maybe. But if we truly are at risk of being blown up by liquid explosives, then nota bene: Daphne and I both accidentally violated the edict against liquids and lotions, once on our departing flight (a fairly large bottle of spray-on sun block I had forgotten was in my backpack), and once on our returning flight (a small bottle of hand sanitizer Daphne had transferred to her purse and neglected to remove). Nobody stopped us.

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