Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Visions of jackhammers dancing in her head.

So check it out:

This week the management company at our apartment complex, in their infinite wisdom, decided to tear up the walkway right outside our unit, and replace it with, I don't know, another one, I guess. Apparently the task will take about a week or so.

Between the jackhammering and the power sawing and the busting of underground pipes (hoo boy, that was fun to watch!) it's been a bit raucous around here. When I first realized what was going on, I thought that the chances that Thandie was going to go down for her late-morning nap this week would be nil. Especially since there is really no place in the apartment where one can escape the noise.

(For you non-parents out there, no nap usually translates into a cranky kid, and sometimes even a bad night's sleep. So basically I thought we were fucked for the next few days.)

I wouldn't believe this if I hadn't seen it by myself, but this kid just fell asleep to the dulcet strains of a jackhammer cracking into the concrete right outside her window.


Is this some kind of toddler mind trick or something? And if so, how can I learn it?

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