Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Puritan Broadcasting System?

What the fuck?

Apparently Melanie Martinez, the effervescent lil' host of the Good Night Show on PBS's Sprout cable channel, was fired.

(Actually, not apparently, but definitely. What it with me and adverbs these days?)

The cause of the firing is a series of harmless PSA spoofs MM did seven years ago. You can see them here and judge for yourself.

Ooo, lookit, she says the word "vibrator"!

Now, I was never a fan of the Good Night Show, except for the wacky Pingu the Penguin claymation stuff. But that's not the point. The point is that, really, what the fuck? PBS, are you a bunch of morons? Your programming has become insipid enough, now you're going to finish it off by purging it into a fine fascist inhuman goop? What's next? I suppose none of the people who work on any of your programs can ever talk about sex? Hmmm. Can they have impure thoughts every once in a while, perhaps in the comfort of their own bedroom?

Gooodddddaaaammmmmmitttt, what is happening to this country?!

Here's a link to a petition to get Ms. Martinez her job back. Don't think a list of names is gonna make a difference, but it's probably worth a try.

And here's a link to a kickass SF Chronicle article by Mark Morford. It analyzes the firing, and, well, kicks ass while doing so.

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Matt said...

In 1973, Roscoe Orman played the title role in Willie Dynamite--he was a coke-snorting, bitch-slapping pimp.

A year later, Orman was cast as the third Gordon on Sesame Street, a role he still plays.

So I guess PBS has to fire him too now. And destroy those reruns of The Electric Company because Morgan Freeman and Rita Moreno were in R-rated movies.

Get a spine, indeed, PBS! Why does it only take a few complaints for networks to buckle? Whatever happened to majority rule? Pathetic.