Tuesday, March 13, 2012

3, 2, 1, GO

A friend of mine is fond of reminding me of some words of wisdom a teacher once passed along to him, that in music, as in air travel, what matters most are "takeoffs and landings."

Here is how PROTO-HUMAN, my new group (featuring David Valdez (alto sax), Scott Hall (tenor sax), Justin Morell (guitar), Todd Bishop (drums), Andrew Jones (bass), and yours truly (keyboards and composition)) took off during our debut performance at the Blue Monk a few nights ago.

Big thanks to the IJG's Mary-Sue Tobin for putting this show together. I look forward to seeing where this band goes from here.

(Also: book update coming soon.)


Jazz Chords Steve said...

I like the way this tune sounds. Cool composition. David is swinging hard on this one too! Nice job.

o said...

Very good..