Thursday, February 18, 2010

Portrait of the artist as a young ninny

While out east last fall, I found a bit of time to dig through some of the youthful detritus I left behind in 1995 (the year I moved to California). My archive goes back to grade one, and the oldest portions of it are excerpted below.

Yes, the paper really is that yellow.

As my kid begins to fill the house with her own writing (like me, she's pretty compulsive about it -- we're finding her notes, cards, stories, grocery lists, post-its, menus, ballots, etc. all over the place), I've been amusing her by sharing some of my own early scribblings. Her stuff is much better, but she hasn't given me permission to publish it yet.

I like to joke that I was an abnormal child, but maybe I wasn't. Or maybe I was just a normal boy. A sample "story," from a badly-stapled collection entitled "Monsters," reads as follows: "Three monsters where [sic] playing baseball. And they got into a fight! And it got worse and... they KILLED each other!!" (With illustrations, this masterpiece took up four pages.)

I guess it was right around this time that I developed an affection for monster movies. (Did I say "affection"? I meant "affliction." One that continues to this day.)

Also, my first song, "The Shark," with its cryptic lyric: "I saw a shark eat bark."

You've gotta know where you've been to know where you're going.

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m said...

I still have a book I wrote for school in 1st grade, called A Man Called Natural Man: "Once there was a man who had so much hair, he made everyone suffocate..."