Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Random weekend mobile photo interlude

We spent a good chunk of Labor Day weekend in the vicinity of Mt. Hood, in a charmingly-named unincorporated entity called Government Camp, with our dear friends Sarah and Matt, and the assorted kids.

Apparently, we were about two miles away from the Overlook Hotel (aka Timberline Lodge) -- and now I know what our next day-trip excursion is going to be (we didn't actually get to make the hike this time, since the weather was fairly lousy).

Sarah procured a number of zany toys to keep the kids occupied in the event of rain (this turned out to be a very smart strategy). The one shown below was my favorite, mostly because of the subheading:

(Really? What I do with them is up to me? Is it bad that I have always treated my toys this way?)

Coming back (Government Camp is about an hour's ride from PDX), we stopped at a quaint (okay, cheesy) restaurant / coffeehouse / bakery / knick-knack emporium, with the very simple goal of procuring some coffee. This beverage took forever to make, which initially seemed to bode well, since we assumed the barista was a perfectionist. We were wrong -- she was no perfectionist.

Anyway, while wandering through the knick-knack emporium, waiting for my cappuccino, I came across these:

And these:

One could say that my whole career is based on the juxtaposition of unlike things, but I still can't get my head around this bacon + sweet stuff phenomenon.


Jill Knapp said...

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT, eat the Bacon Gumballs. Learn from my pain.

In the bacon + sweet millieu, I do very wholeheartedly get behind Mo's Milk Chocolate Bacon Bar (by Vosges, a foo-foo chocolate maker), as well as bacon brittle by The Grateful Palate (which could actually use a bit more bacon).

That is all.

Matt said...

On the subject of sweet-bacon things, I submit the following:

Something I Love

Try it, you'll be a believer.

Andrew Durkin... said...

Thanks for the tips, all.

Matt: do you ship to Oregon?

I'm still not sure what to call this genre of food.

Anonymous said...

@Matt and Jill

Your love bacon (and I'm sure, all things culinary) is why I love you two