Monday, August 10, 2009

Hither and thither

Stuff collected and collated from various points:

* Another Industrial Jazz Group quintet tune.

* Another shaving video.

* The latest IJG October tour (aka "Rocktober") itinerary. Gigantic thanks to Nate Trier for securing our eighth official gig -- an October 20 hit at the Space with Nate's band the Skamatix. Should be an awesome time! (We still have two more dates to add to the tour: October 18 and October 21 -- cuz, you know, things are not quite insane enough yet. Anyway, stay tuned.)

* The re-animation of a presumed-dead blog post! Tour tales no. 1: The wages of profanity and political commentary, a story of one band's adventures with the word "fuck," was dumped in this space nearly a year ago. It was recently revisited, with insightful commentary, by our new friend (and fellow blogger) Tim Kitz. Definitely worth reading -- not least for the story of how Tim ended up finding this blog. Thanks, Tim!

* A nice video about the demise of the music industry (nothing particularly new here, but worth viewing for Zappa's typically wry analysis):

* And, speaking of Zappa, here's FZ alum Mike Keneally's newest video / song:

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