Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ice cream and other stuff

Wow, the very excellent Chris Schlarb has an awesome project here.

Throw him a buck or two, damnit.

Speaking of ice cream vendors, here's one from our first east coast tour, back in 2005*. (What's that, you say? 2005 was only four years ago? Hard for me to believe.)

Speaking of east coast tours, we have another one coming up in October. (What's that you say? We're crazy? Yes, I know.)

Speaking of that upcoming tour, here are the outlines of our itinerary. I expect to start filling in the other dates very soon. Let us know if you'd like us to come to your (east coast) town.

I also expect to get back to the regular blogging thing soon. (Like maybe even tonight. Booking a tour can be a little time-consuming, is all.)

I also expect to get a mad rush from the fact that PJCE is doing another one of my silly tunes for their July concert.

More on everything soon.

(Whoops, there I go running my mouth again. Gotta focus, Durkin! Tour booking first, aesthetic debates later!)

*Yeah, I know what you're thinking. Of course I would love to write a song called "Mr. Ding-a-ling," but a better musician beat me to a better variation on that title:


Trier Music said...

Wow, New York seems like a heck of a show!

Andrew Durkin... said...

Yeah, it should be fun!

Still working on CT... will keep you posted!