Monday, November 10, 2008

More wages, more profanity

Via Balloon Juice, Joe "Blowhard" Scarborough drops the F-bomb:

Turns out jazz musicians aren't the only foul-mouthed citizens of this fair country.

John Cole provides his typical spot-on analysis:

There are several really funny things about this story. The first is the way Scarborough blurted it out- it was casual, as if he has more than a passing acquaintance with the f-word himself. Someone who really did get his panties in a knot when people used curse words would not be able to effortlessly blurt that out as he did in that clip.

Second, it points out how twisted the inside the beltway priorities still are- these knuckleheads are talking off camera, all aghast that Emanuel has told people to fuck off, and think this is somehow a great sin. It is truly bizarre for a number of reasons, especially for folks who worship “average” and “ordinary” Americans. Average and ordinary Americans use profane language. Go to a sporting event. Watch a movie not made by Disney. Go to the mall. Spend thirty seconds within a hundred yards of any military unit anywhere (I remember some cadences we sang during PT that would make Andrew Dice Clay blush). Or a police department. Or a fire department. People swear. You may not like it, but it is what it is.

Actually, I do like it. But I'm, you know, depraved (or something).


Anonymous said...

I guess I'm officially getting old, because I've reached the point where profanity has become a kine of verbal pollution to me. For me, I try to limit it to things like "Jesus cocksucking Christ." I mean, if you're gonna swear...

Joey Your Local Backpacker said...

Seriously, God doesn't Love America. We live in a country where if a Titty pops out on television their is a national Crisis; however, We have shows like 24 where Jack Bauer is clapping terrorists like its the thing to do. A Titty is Beautiful its like a little bullseye made for babies and grown men to enjoy. Whereas violence is horrible but you don't see NBC paying fines to the fcc because Bauer is Clappin terrorists.. I don't Know man but Fuck Joe Scarborough and MSNBC.