Saturday, February 17, 2007

Hard to believe...

...but this Residents performance (a kooky version of Elvis' "Teddy Bear") actually took place on network television in the maddeningly conservative late-1980s. On a show hosted by David Sanborn, no less. That's right, I'm talking about Night Music -- a show I relished as a kid.

Take my advice and YouTube the fuck out of this one (use the search terms "night music david sanborn" for best results). Great performances by Sun Ra, Pharoah Sanders, Nick Cave, Kronos Quartet, Sonny Rollins -- and that's just the first page!

For chrissakes, when is someone going to come along and release this stuff on DVD?


Kris Tiner said...

"For chrissakes, when is someone going to come along and release this stuff on DVD?"

Maybe Mosaic will... ha... ha... ha...

I have vague memories of this show. Also have vague memories of discussing this show with you in a van recently... but props to Sanborn for airing this stuff. I'll figure it's penance for his own music.

No way I'll forgive him for some of those album covers, though.

godoggo said...

I'd googled about this show a year or two ago, and apparently there are a lot of copyright barriers to releasing the show.

What I'd really like to see would be the complete closing jams, which always seemed to have the best music, but always, frustratingly got cut off after a couple of minutes.

My favorite Night Music moment was Bootsy Collins' story about trying to chat with James Brown while on acid.

Bootsy: "You remember acid?"
Sanborn (glances left and right): "Um, I heard about it..."

Matt said...

I taped the Residents' performance when it first aired. I seem to remember Todd Rundgren, Sanborn, and Christian Marclay doing a Gilbert & Sullivan song on another show.