Friday, September 15, 2006

Why Erik Satie is better than Lynyrd Skynyrd

There are 841 reasons, actually.

Redundant? No way.

By the by, it's worth noting that the instructions on the original score are actually conditional: ""In order to play this motif 840 times consecutively to oneself, it will be useful to prepare oneself beforehand, and in utter silence, by grave immobilities." In order to play it that way -- not that one should be expected to play it that way.

So kudos to Kenneth Goldsmith (the guy behind the recent performance, linked above) for taking liberties with this one.

(No, I haven't listened to all eight hours.)

Free Albums points to a good article on the man and the piece.


Kris Tiner said...

Another shared interest! One of my favorite pastimes lately is playing through the Gnossiennes at the piano. Vexations is a great example of how Satie, on a whim it seems, could encapsulate so much of twentieth century experimentalism with just one gesture. Between Satie and Ives there's nearly all you need to know about modern music.

PS, you're now hanging out with ES on my MySpace top friends list. I thought you guys had similar beards.

Kris Tiner said...

What Satie might say to Lynyrd Skynyrd...

"Sir, dear friend. You are not only an arse, but an arse without music."

(from a postcard ES sent to a critic who wrote a bad review of Parade)

Andrew said...

Nice. Parade is actually another one of the works I have mentally earmarked for the IJG-cover-album-that-will-probably-never-be.

And I'm definitely not worthy to be keeping company with the Velvet Gentleman, on your MySpace page or anywhere else... but of course I'm honored.