Saturday, June 25, 2005

For the Locals

(Copied and pasted from our local mailing list)

[Industrial Jazz] We're back!

That’s right, we survived our east coast tour… despite technical mishaps, eleventh hour gig cancellations, triple digit heat, and even being shot at.

I’ll be writing up a reflective piece on the sordid details of the experience, which I’ll post to the blog sometime in the next week or two… but in the meantime I wanted to alert you to the fact that, like a bad fad, we’re actually not done! That’s right, we have one more performance before we all retire to our Martha’s Vineyard mansions for the summer. (Yeah, there’s a little community of wealthy jazz musicians up there. Wait—why are you laughing?!)

Anyway, here are the details: we’ll be appearing at Club Tropical next Thursday, June 30, at 8 pm. Club Tropical is located at 8641 W. Washington Blvd. in Culver City—just blocks from the Jazz Bakery (probably the closest we’ll ever get to playing in that particular establishment). Admission is $10, and we’ll be doing two sets. (More info:; big thanks to them for having us back.)

The freakin’ incredible Salvadoran food they make at Club Tropical will surely distract you from the crushing boredom of our show. But if the food doesn’t do the trick, check out the disco ball (sorry if I’ve mentioned that before, I just think it’s really cool). If the ball doesn’t do the trick, check out our special guest: vocalist / old friend Jill Knapp, flying in from the east coast for this gig. With the addition of Jill, we’ll finally have the air of respectability we so desperately crave, so let me take this opportunity to personally *thank her*.

The rest of the group:

Saxes: Kelly Corbin, Dan Boissy, Matt Otto, Ron Dzuibla
Brass: Phil Rodriguez, Dan Rosenboom, Shaunte Palmer
Rhythm: Dan Schnelle, Aaron Kohen, Robert Jacobson, Andrew Durkin

Oh, yeah, and for some reason I don’t quite understand, the LA Weekly decided to designate this performance as their “Jazz Pick of the Week” this week. You can read about it here:

Let me know if you can make any sense out of *that*.

Anyway, hope to see you all soon. Thanks as always for your support.


PS. Special thanks department: once again, our undying gratitude goes out to the people and organizations--specifically the members of this list and the American Composers Forum of LA--for supporting our tour. Thank You!

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