Thursday, January 13, 2005

The devil's music

This is a funny read, though I completely disagree with the tired, tired implication:


My mom gave us a "Baby Mozart" video for our daughter this Christmas, and there too, I resist the assumption that "classical" music (and Mozart somehow more than any other composer) promotes intelligence or makes a kid a genius or whatever. (What video did Mozart watch as a baby, I wonder?) For one thing, it's not "really" Mozart's music that is featured in the video, but a very watered-down version of same.

But how much more adventurous and interesting is the Boobah series. In one episode ("Record Player"), three sets of characters find three different records that play three different songs. Each song is played separately. Then, the characters find yet another record that plays all three pieces simultaneously, creating a glorious cacophony! Sort of "Baby Charles Ives."

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