Monday, February 14, 2011

The most important lesson from Esperanza Spalding's upset Grammy win over Justin Bieber?

I think it is encapsulated in this statement from Peter Hum:

If Spalding’s only tweeted seven times and has only 9,000 or so followers, she’s probably only been delinquent with her social networking because she’s more focused on making music.

As we all should be!

I don't know Spalding's music very well, and I don't know Bieber's music at all. (Lucky for me, my six year old doesn't know Bieber's music either.) Plus, it's silly to pretend that the Grammys are a true barometer of musical value. But even from a distance, this was a pleasant turn of events, and it should make us all smile a little bit.

[Photo credit: Pennello]


sound systems rentals washington dc said...

Spalding is a step in the right direction, but far from a mature artist. Hope it does'nt stunt her growth, like too early success has done to so many others.

Tom Powers said...

I thought the backlash from her win was silly. The Steve Stoute article confirmed that for me. When I ask people why they don't like Esperanza it usually has something totally abstract or nothing to do with Jazz. Her talent is undeniable and I was elated that she won. Great post! -Tom Powers